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An Excise Tax is imposed on cigarettes and other tobacco products. 210.19 Data to be kept by division.—The division shall hold records displaying the overall quantity of taxes collected, which information shall be open to the public in the course of the regular workplace hours of the division. The division shall preserve information that establish which agent or wholesale supplier affixed the tax stamp to every bundle of cigarettes. The identifying information must be made available for public inspection and retained for at least three years.

When any tax imposed herein terminates or has terminated, distributors who have purchased stamps while such tax was in effect and who subsequently paid such tax, however who can show, to the Division’s satisfaction, that they offered the cigarettes to which they affixed such stamps after such tax had terminated and didn’t recuperate the tax or its equal from purchasers, shall be allowed by the Division to take credit for such absorbed tax against subsequent tax stamp purchases from the Department by such distributor.

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79-3311. The Department might authorize distributors to affix income tax stamps by imprinting tax meter stamps upon original packages of cigarettes. The Department shall adopt guidelines and rules relating to the imprinting of such tax meter stamps as will end in cost of the correct taxes as herein imposed. No distributor may affix revenue tax stamps to original packages of cigarettes by imprinting tax meter stamps thereon unless such distributor has first obtained permission from the Division to make use of this technique of affixation. The Department shall regulate the use of tax meters and should, to assure the correct collection of the taxes imposed by this Act, revoke or suspend the privilege, theretofore granted by the Division to any distributor, to imprint tax meter stamps upon authentic packages of cigarettes.

NRS 370.235 Periodic reporting necessities for manufacturers and wholesale sellers. NRS 370.490 Allowance of credits.

2. Indian tribes on whose reservations or colonies cigarettes or other tobacco products are sold and, pursuant to NRS 370.515 , from which the Division doesn’t acquire the tax imposed by this chapter on such cigarettes or other tobacco merchandise sold on the reservations or colonies.

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Any business or particular person selling, storing, or delivering cigarettes within the City limits of Auburn must pay a tax equal to 2 mills per cigarette. The Department, upon receipt of an software from a manufacturer who is eligible to maintain producer representatives in this State, shall notify the applicant in writing, not more than 60 days after an application has been obtained, that the applicant may or could not preserve the requested number of producer representatives in this State. A duplicate of the discover authorizing a manufacturer to maintain manufacturer representatives in this State shall be accessible for inspection by the Division at each place of business identified in the application and within the motor vehicle operated by advertising and marketing representatives in the middle of performing his or her duties in this State on behalf of the producer.

All packs of cigarettes must be stamped previous to shipping them to either other wholesaler distributors or shops.

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